Yuppers … No idea what this show was about (hour 2)

Written by on March 31, 2018


As mentioned in the post title, yeah, no idea. I didn’t title the episode in my playlist notes, and I don’t really remember the show all that well. I do know that I sat in the KPSU DJ control booth on June 25th of 2017 to stream it LIVE to the waiting digital masses. All 3-6 of you ~sigh~ at any rate I’m posting it now. At this point I will be returning to our little running transcription of a fictitious speech written by Daniel Quinn in his novel The Story of B .


Good News and Bad News

 If you know even a little about me, you’ll know I’m called by many bad names. The reason for this is that I’m a bringer of good news, the best news you’ve had in a long time. You might think that bringing good news would make me a hero, but I assure you this isn’t the case at all. The people of our culture are used to bad news and are fully prepared for bad news, and no one would think for a moment of denouncing me if I stood up and proclaimed that we’re all doomed and damned. It’s precisely because I do not proclaim this that I’m denounced.


Before attempting to articulate the good news I bring, let me first make crystal clear the bad news people are always prepared to hear.

Man is the scourge of the planet, and he was BORN a scourge,

just a few thousand years ago.

Believe me, I can win applause all over the world by pronouncing these words. But the news I’m here to bring you is much different:

Man was NOT born a few thousand years ago and he was

NOT born a scourge.


And it’s for this news that I’m condemned.

Man was born MILLIONS of years ago, and he was no more

a scourge than hawks or lions or squids. He lived AT PEACE

with the world … for MILLIONS of years.

This doesn’t mean he was a saint. This doesn’t mean he walked the earth like a Buddha. It means he lived as harmlessly as a hyena or a shark or a rattlesnake.

It’s not MAN who is the scourge of the world, it’s a single

culture. Our culture out of hundreds of thousands of cultures.

OUR culture.


And here is the best of the news I have to bring:

We don’t have to change HUMANKIND in order to survive.

We only have to change a single culture.

I don’t mean to suggest that this is an easy task. But at least it’s not an impossible one.






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