Yuppers … No idea what this show was about (hour 1)

Written by on March 31, 2018


As mentioned in the post title, yeah, no idea. I didn’t title the episode in my playlist notes, and I don’t really remember the show all that well. I do know that I sat in the KPSU DJ control booth on June 25th of 2017 to stream it LIVE to the waiting digital masses. All 3-6 of you ~sigh~ at any rate I’m posting it now. I must have been rambling ranting about something though; in this first hour, as I only managed to play two songs. At this point I will be returning to our little running transcription of a fictitious speech written by Daniel Quinn in his novel The Story of B .


Leavers and Takers

We have at last arrived at a point where we can abandon this vague and clumsy way of talking about “people of our culture” and “people of all other cultures.” We might settle for “Followers of the Law” and “Rejecters of the Law,” but a simpler pair of names for these groups has been provided by a colleague, who called them Leavers and Takers.


He explained the names this way, that Leavers, by following the law, leave the rule of the world in the hands of the gods, whereas the Takers, by rejecting the law, take the rule of the world in to their own hands. He wasn’t satisfied with this terminology (and neither am I), but it has a certain following, and I have nothing to replace it with.


The important point to note is that a cultural continuity exists among Leaver peoples that extends back three million years to the beginning of our kind. Homo habilis was born a Leaver and a follower of the same law that is followed today by the Yanomami of Brazil and the Bushmen of the Kalahari—and hundreds of other aboriginal peoples in undeveloped areas all over the world.


It is precisely this cultural continuity that was broken in the Great Forgetting. To put it another way: After rejecting the law that had protected us from extinction for three million years and making ourselves the enemy of the rest of the biological community, we suppressed our outlaw status by forgetting that there ever was a law.






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