WTF is going on?

Written by on November 16, 2016

WTF is going on? I mean it is and isn’t a serious question. There is the flat literal knowledge of what IS happening. Displeasure and frustration with a national election, turning into brazen and disruptive protests of said outcome and the candidate that so many mocked and were secretly fearful of. So in that way it isn’t a serious question. I apparently know the answer, the REAL question arises in the form of trying to ascertain what the hell is going through peoples heads, that they are being violent and destructive in a city that LARGELY VOTED FOR THEIR CANDIDATE. Honestly it’s a little perplexing.  WTF is going on? On reality that is particularly distressing and leads me to believe a prediction I will be revealing shortly (it isn’t a hot take, or a bold vision by any stretch) is what I saw on a number of periscope style feeds. There were large numbers of people at a few of the several continuous nights of protesting that seemed to just be out for the block party atmosphere. It was THE thing to do. The new eatery to wait in line for a seat. WTF is going on? I saw a car full of young women; they might have been teenagers, who were laughing and having a grand old time, the person behind the camera asked them who they voted for, after which they hemmed and hawed and one said Elizabeth Stein, another blurted Hilary. The man on the street journalist, asked “did you really vote for JILL Stein?” at which point the driver; smiling laughing, conceded they didn’t even vote. I’m not surprised by this, but I am somewhat legitimately dismayed. Is it just me? This attitude and the further attitude of many “anarchist” types who took the WTF is going on? protests as opportunities to be destructive rabble rousers who really just wanted to rail against the system as a whole, lead me to the unfortunate prediction.

Nothing will come of this frustration. All this emotional outpouring, the weeping and gnashing of teeth, is simply a vented lid. Allowing the steam to blow off, and really providing nothing more than content for the MSM media to pimp to captive eyes and minds. WTF is going on? Come a month after the inauguration everything will probably seem quite normalized. People will have allowed their apathy to overcome them, the rent is due and some great new show will be premiering on some cable/internet network.  WTF is going on? The importance of life will supercede the importance of the trust violated by this election, that someone who largely does not represent the commonwealth of America, that I believe to be largely compassionate, unlike He who will remain unnamed here. On the bright side he ALREADY looks overwhelmed by the actual position.







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