Words can be deceptive, they need context .. take country – hour 2

Written by on April 3, 2017

Country I can’t quite remember why I chose the tracks I did, for this show. This episode of Box of Chocolates originally was live-stream broadcast on the 13th of March. I’m not sure what I was talking or ranting about on this day, but in this description I am going to continue my current unfortunate to be involved in saga of the Death of a Cab Company.  Country

This is something I’d very much like to do before my Monday live-stream-broadcast.  Country Two, B, if I string this story out over a few posts it gives a viewer/reader/listener even more reason to take a peek at the next couple of posts. This will be as best as I can relay to you a story of what looks to be a fitful demise of a Portland business. I regret that it is one I’ve been involved with for almost two years. It is the slow bleeding out death of Green Cab. Country 

It should be noted here that, all this .. my eulogizing this long standing Portland transportation company, could be; on the one hand, premature, yet on the other purely academic reporting. Reality is the original entity known as Green Cab Transportation is deceased.  Country That company that operated under that moniker is entirely no more. While there is a NEW company comprised of Green Cab Transportation’s rotting corpse, struggling to rise from the fetid carrion that remains of the former, it’s prospects for a survival into a healthy, competitive business in the decimated landscape of private for hire transportation, well I’m being extremely kind if I say the outlook isn’t good. Country 
Part of this forecast is due to what happened to; is happening to, what has now been officially named New Green Cab. What I’m about to say shouldn’t be mistaken for a lack of understanding  Country  regarding the fact that situations like these: transfers of power, organizational restructuring, or drastic changes in ownership/stockholders, such as what is transpiring now, these power plays typically DO NOT happen overnight.

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