WITB aka What’s in Their Bag number ? (hour 1)

Written by on December 2, 2017


This episode of Box of Chocolates originally streamcast live just last week, was another fractured two hours. The amazing part now, is that I’m actually (sort of) caught up to date on my show postings, well for current shows anyway. This first hour was an aural look into a What’s In My Bag from Amoeba Record Stores YT account. The playlist for the first hour was curated from the WIMB done with King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, I found it apropos considering they have just dropped a new album (now) 2 weeks ago. And of course, now for a continuation of what is a bit of long ramble.




I was yet to be of the legal age to drive. I, and a number of the small group of “friends”, with whom I associated, we had a blast often – without the embellishment of consciousness. There were numerous occasions on which I rolled with a hearty guffaw, at the misery and physical illness others would inflict upon themselves on a weekly basis. Admittedly I looked down upon these contemporaries of mine. While I wasn’t what was known as “STRAIGHT EDGE”, which at the time in the early to mid 80’s was really quite strictly associated with punk rock and its adherents and sub-cultural denizens.


No, in the mainstream walk of life, not “experimenting” or outright practicing your party skills, was simply goody two shoes. Although most saw myself and several of my closest compatriots as weird by definition, that perhaps we would be best off WITHOUT the substances, for we might go legitimately crazy. Please. This coming from people who had no idea what crazy really is/was/can be. Then again isn’t a calculated manipulation of your self-presentation into what the “others” would perceive as crazy, well isn’t that the farthest thing from “crazy” that you could be.


To me one of the key ingredients of crazy is the eschewing of the others, for the others in your mind. What the outside thinks, feels, sees, believes, well it certainly doesn’t matter. We (those in my circle) were certainly seen as those who didn’t need the medicaments to let go. I don’t believe or feel any of us were actually in any way very strange, crazy or abnormal.


However; this was Reagan era suburban Houston we’re talking about, so take that for what it’s worth, stuff it in your Magritte’s pipe and smoke it.






  • Polygondwanaland
    King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  • My Valuable Hunting Knife
    Guided By Voices
    Alien Beats
  • A House Safe For Tigers
    Lee Hazelwood
    A House Safe For Tigers (soundtrack)
  • Amrew Demkew
    Hailu Mergia
    Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument: Shemonmuanaye
  • Australia
    The Kinks
  • No God
    Cate Le Bon
    Mug Museum
  • Vision of Reality
    Ultimate Spinach
    Behold and See

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