Week of the DEAD!!!

Written by on December 9, 2016

Week of the DEAD!!!  RUN!! HIDE!! ARM YOURSELVES!!! Zombies are- wait, … what was that .. it’s not “week of the dead”? It’s DEAD WEEK? Oh. My bad. Apologies for the sudden rampant fear and (hopeful?!) speculation. So as I post this show which was created and broadcast live this past Tuesday morning, it is now Friday and essentially the end of the Fall term for 2016-17 PSU academic calendar. Which means last week, not this past week was in actuality dead week. Week of the DEAD!!!

Week of the DEAD!!! ({parenthetical aside} I just /literally just/ finished watching a video of JD Vance giving a Ted Talk that is essentially tied into his book, /links below, hidden in photo-images/ and at the end of the video was an embedded commercial for Grammarly. I understand it’s their brand name, so it doesn’t have to be a word, however am I the only one who finds it ironic and mildly disturbing, that a company/app that is selling itself as an easy way to make your writing better, names itself after a created conjured word that doesn’t actually exist?  Week of the DEAD!!!  Further, isn’t this very product a symptom of the continuing descent down the steep cavern of utter stupidity that we, humans, should be taking an affront to? They seem to be marketing it primarily as a time saver, because why bother editing your own work when you can get an algorithm to do it for you. Now you too can be the bully, under educated executive who dictates his correspondence to an underling smarter than he, and let them clean it up. Yes, the very existence of this product bothers me. End rant.) Week of the DEAD!!!

Week of the DEAD!!!  The terminology “Dead Week” has long defined the week before finals in any given term or semester of college life. It is typically a week devoted to review, study and final paper/project preparation. So despite the terminology it is anything but. In the light of celebrating what this week truly indicates; the end of the term, I based this past Tuesday’s show on The Grateful Dead. So if you don’t take a shovel to this bit of truly American musical landmark artistry, then perhaps skip this show. If you’ve never really heard or listened to The Dead (as they are often referred to) this show provides a interesting listen to their career. Week of the DEAD!!!

And if you were really digging the last jam that gets truncated by the 60 minute show break. The image of one of the many graphics that would come to be associated with the Grateful Dead has a link to a youtube of that very track.









  • China Cat Sunflower
    Grateful Dead
    Hundred Year Hall
  • Fire on the Mountain
    Grateful Dead
    Shakedown Street
  • Shakedown Street
    Grateful Dead
    Shakedown Street
  • Hell in a Bucket
    Grateful Dead
    In The Dark
  • Box of Rain
    Grateful Dead
    American Beauty
  • Slipknot!
    Grateful Dead
    Winterland '77 - The Complete Recordings

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