W, brought to you by the letter double u. part 1

Written by on October 28, 2017

W, this show is about W. As a intermittent series of playlists structured around alphabetic primacy

The blog post about this show is actually the beginning of a lengthy post concerning writing. It will told in several parts. W


Sometimes I wonder if this isn’t just a fantastic series of meaningless words. Well, the words themselves have meaning, and their little individual strings that we refer to as sentences are coherent. They just when taken in their fullest context, I don’t know. It just sometimes feels as if, it’s all chuffa. The lot of it is extemporaneous hot air that leads to nothing. Provides no improvement, no call to action, no real meaning past definition. W


I’ve actually struggled mightily with this very feeling once before. That was a beast of a war within the self. Of course, despite a variety of council sought. A plethora of sages and mavens looked to in hopes of developing a plan of reconciliation within the psyche. There seemed to be no real help available. At this point, one could begin to wonder, “what the fizznitch is this son of bitch talking about?” That is of course if you were unfortunate enough to have been conned into reading this far. To explain properly I do suppose we will have to back up a bit. In time that is, so if you don’t mind do watch your head as you crouch down into this stainless-steel car. Yes this vehicle is somewhat hideous, but it has a fantastic story behind it, and upon its release it was seen as a refreshing break with tradition (despite the fact that its outward design it painfully ripped off of the Lotus Esprit Series 2). Instead of setting the controls for the heart of the sun, we will set them for the year 1991. The place, Los Angeles, California. W


I am from the state of Texas originally, and had been living there; in the capitol city of Austin to be exact, when I took a year to live in the Golden State on the Left Coast. Our (as Oregonians) southern and reviled neighbor. I had gone out to California with the hopes of accomplishing a few things. W







  • Wolf
    Veruca Salt
    American Thighs
  • Wait
    The Beatles
    Rubber Soul
  • Wild Billy's Circus Story
    Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
    The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle
  • Witch Hunt
    Moving Pictures
  • Wurlitzer
    Diablo Guapo
  • World Spins Madly On
    The Weepies
    Say I Am You
  • Wounded Bird
    The Black Crowes

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