Viente, the second one of the year: uno parte

Written by on March 12, 2017

Viente, that is the Spanish word for Twenty. Which is the number that corresponds to the date in February on which this show originally streamed. Am I behind on show posting again? Yes, yes I am. While there most assuredly no excuses. Are there ever really? There are reasons. There are Joelstifications that were made in moments of weakness. Viente That transformed gaps or periods of time; that would normally be perfect for just this sort of activity, into opportunities to do the exact opposite of .. … well of anything really. I have been called the King of Naps, and not without reasonable evidence to support such claims. Viente  What the hell does any of this have to do with the shows I am posting? Well in one regard, absolutely nothing. However, as we do need to remain vigilant towards forever striving to be gyroscopic, if we shift our perceptive view just a skosh, to the left, perhaps the right, depending on where you’re sitting, hell it might be above or below. It might be. Viente might be, be. The point I am trying to get at, and hopefully doing a dumpsterfire of a job in doing so. Viente Oh and before I forget, personal note to self: if you want to get to cozy with the mic, as is your want for a couple of reasons, please bring down the level of the mic in use. Trust me on this Joel, your precious ranting will come across just fine. So where was I .. .. Viente  oh yes, if you adjust your powers of perception just so, to see things from an ever so slightly, but decidedly, different angle. Well then you could see that this ramble is in a sense analogous to what post rock is to rock, as this paragraph is to a description.Viente In this episode, I rant and ramble, as apparently has become the function of the show, and I play some fine examples of post-rock the elusive genre that it is. Actually in this first hour I only play two tracks. One is considered by many music/rock academics; keepers of the gates to the church of the loud reverberating chord, to be the progenitor of the genre. The first track I play is a recent pop-rock gem, that was possibly never released by a small outfit from Austin, Texas of which I have a personal connection to. Viente  By the way, if you like The Stolen Furs track Firecracker, bother them on fb here:






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