Vault Diving; and the introduction of a cheat code

Written by on February 19, 2018

Vault Diving

Well, I’m finally starting to get around to it. This great posting deluge of shows from the vault. I’m digging them out, blowing off the dust. Actually in this episode’s case, it’s more like chiseling off the fossilized rock strata that this link was buried in. Okay, okay you caught me. I was being impossibly hyperbolic there. It’s not THAT OLD, although in today’s digital culture I’m not too far off. Which is a way of referencing the current attention cycles of the Western Human Beast.

Vault Diving

Posting an episode that is almost 18 months old (it’s seventeen and change) is akin to posting something, which by social media posting standards (outside of the treasured practice of TBT), that is historical in nature. Of course it’s NOT, it was only originally streamed live back on the Sixth of September 2016. It can, however, feel or seem that way. This episode was a Tuesday Morning at the Movies show concept. The title tells you pretty much everything you need to know about it. First thing, I was doing my show on Tuesday morning, and a look at the accompanying link will show that I was still doing one hour shows as well. I had done a couple of these in the past, although this one was the first time (I think) that the entire playlist focused on one film.

Vault Diving

Now, I suppose I should move on to the elephant in the post title.  CHEAT CODE?!?!  wtf? Well, quite simply I am really, really far behind on show posts, and I wanted to do two things. The first, obviously related to that last statement, is to catch up to a real-time consistent posting of my shows. The second is a bit more insidious (to some people) AND directly ties into subject matter spoken about in my past two episodes, and will probably consume at least the next show if not the next 2 or 3. So in concert with these two goals, I will be posting a string of old shows from my vault that have yet to be posted.

Vault Diving

The interesting cheat coded-ness here, is that the show descriptions (these very blog like sections of the post that I am typing literally right now {well, that is right now to ME, as I type this, not as you READ this, language is such a funny thing}) are going to be transcriptions from a novel by Daniel Quinn. The transcriptions will be of speech sections within the novel. Not real speeches, but speeches that happened with the context of his storyline, his created universe where the story actually happens. Like I said, language is a funny thing. I will begin these with the next post, a show that I’ve lost the playlist for from September 20th, 2016

Vault Diving








  • Too Hip To Retire
    Justin Hurwitz
    Whiplash OMPST
  • Caravan
    Dave Brubeck Quartet
    Time Signatures: A Career Retrospective
  • Accident
    Justin Hurwitz
    Whiplash OMPST
  • Whiplash
    Don Ellis

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