Time … truly a concept to wrestle, but it’s been a minute.

Written by on March 10, 2019


Yes, what to say about time. Well, there has been a large collection of the increments since the last time I posted a show. I could cast all sorts of blame or responsibility in all sorts of directions. The “truth” however, lies in the simple reality that I haven’t posted in what feels like an eternity.


Which isn’t to say that the show hasn’t been happening. Almost every week (to be exact EVERY SUNDAY from 7-9 AM, right here on KPSU.org) Outside of the occasional missed show due to sickness (rare), weather problems (the winter’s been nasty) and the past two weeks I’ve been on unexpected hiatus. Turns out that the access badge I use to gain entry to the building had(s) an expiration date. Who knew? Well some people did and I would have if I had simply READ the front of the card. Alas this is all past events. The new card has been obtained. The requisite last step has been performed (on my end) and I should have be back on the digital airwaves next Sunday : March 17, 2019. Live-Streaming my nonsense.


Until then the other reality is that I have a PLETHORA of old show-posts to catch up on. If, BIG IF, I can scare up the appropriate playlists, they will be included. Which shouldn’t be a problem, then again problems do like to arise out of the blue, like ghosts wearing heavy cologne that permeates the senses of the living. I will be; in the interest of getting posts DONE will be copying and pasting in various papers I’ve written for film classes I’ve been fortunate enough to take at this fine institution.

Speaking of wrestling … here is something odd to chew on.

questions, or the rest of the image should direct here


Oh, and the download is the first hour of

Box of Chocolates from January 21, 2018

And as I have eluded to in this post. I may not be able to locate the playlist, so this will really be within the Box of Chocolates concept. WHO KNOWS? what I played. Suppose one will have to download and find out.





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