This chocolate. This chocolate we haven’t encountered yet.

Written by on July 8, 2018

This chocolate

Well hello, we will be conducting a bit of a pattern interrupt here today. In addition to the fact that; this very post, is the digitally archived recollection of TODAY’S SHOW!?! The very streamcast that was present on the digital airwaves not 3 hours ago as I type this. No I am not all caught up with the backlog of episodes, and I will be continuing the long running transcription of the fictitious speech from the novel The Story of B by Daniel Quinn. Simply not today. Today is about newness, attempts at new things (ish) and a possibly new addition to the show going forward.

This chocolate

By the ISH, I simply mean that what I did today is not entirely NEW to me. I suppose I should explain a bit.

Today I, for lack of better terminology, “performed” some reading theater of sorts. Twitter theater to be specific.

I had encountered a thread on this handle’s stream

The thread was a hilarious mockery of Alex Jones’s assertion that the Democrats, The Left were to be launching a CIVIL WAR this past July 4th. Here is more information on that  . Of course this was/is all hyperbolic rhetoric. Which shouldn’t surprise that some clever folk made some delicious fun out of it.

This chocolate

The thread reminded me of a similar take that some sports mockery had at the visage (and let’s be honest it’s the neck beard that sets it off) Andrew Luck, examples of which can be found here . At any rate, I decided when I came across it that I would do a dramatic interpretation of the thread on my show. I am not ashamed of the results, which is saying something.

This chocolate

As I was mentioning this wouldn’t be my first foray into voice acting, however I am not certain that the previous recorded attempts even exist anymore.

This chocolate





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