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Written by on June 16, 2015

Steve Albini: Influential American Producer.

Volume 2 of my show concept spotlighting influential producer/engineers in the world of audio production. This week; well actually it was last week but no one got to hear the original version-I can honestly say that I’ve managed to have some sort of fire every week, the fires may range in intensity from waste basket grade to full on dumpster fire but there has been something new to learn/watch out for just about every week, but that is one of the difficulties one must work through when one is doing something only one hour a week. Despite the, or no matter how much, work you may put into a scant hour long show once a week, the truth is it is STILL only one hour a week. It is not easy to get a real handle on anything, much less everything you need to know and remember in order to have a smooth show. Especially if you happen to be cut from the same cloth as myself and have a show with an ample amount of DJ commentary and recordings from various time eras and using various equipment that you want to be constantly monitoring your levels  .. although I am digressing here. Where was I …  oh right.

This week we are taking an hour long aural look at the work of Steve Albini. One of his first six engineering credits is the immensely influential Surfer Rosa the debut album from the Pixies. A tireless worker, Albini has a credit on 242 recordings from 1985 -2000. His career as a audio recording professional, although far from over, has spanned 30 very active years and  he’s been an active musician as well. A luminary of the Chicago underground, DIY, punk aesthetic and a consummate recording geek/professional. Steve Albini has been a great influence on modern American music.






  • Brick is Red
    The Pixies
    Surfer Rosa
  • Most High
    Walking into Clarksdale
  • Rotten Apple
    Screaming Females
  • Darlene
  • Viva Ultra
    Palace Music
    Viva Last Blues
  • Soiled
    Bleeding Head
  • I've Been Riding With a Ghost
    Songs: Ohia
    Magnolia Electric Co.
  • Chair
    Claim Dedications
  • Doe
    The Breeders

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