The 6’s of March

Written by on April 3, 2017

6’s  I haven’t re-listened to this show, which originally streamed live on the 6th of March, and here it is April Fool’s day as I am typing this out. So I’m not at all sure as to what I might have been talking about on this day almost 4 weeks ago. There is something; that I mentioned somewhat briefly during one of these shows around this time, that I would however very much like to expound upon. This something is a little more in depth detail as to what has been happening to my work/$ situation in the past 6 weeks.  6’s It is truly appalling and borderline criminal, (in my opinion, but that isn’t or shouldn’t be too surprising as I am on the stinky end of the stick mixing up this fecal stew, so of course I find it borderline criminal, truth is I am NOT a lawyer, nor am I a para-legal, and I’ve never worked for BOLI or know, or lived with anyone who does, 6’s  and one thing I do KNOW is that the law isn’t designed or written to be a tool of humanistic compassion intent on helping us all get along or sensibly mediate problems. End of this lengthy parenthetical aside.) unfortunately; for a brief moment assuming it was actually criminal or at the very least unlawfully negligent, I am in no position to be hiring legal counsel, and don’t honestly think the $ values involved would make the work of a legal professional of any practical use. The costs involved would eat up the majority of any judgement I would be fortunate enough to win, and I NEED as much of that money as I can get my hands on.  6’s  
6’s  As I write this there are 2 things occurring to me. One, A, (I don’t want to force a preference for numbering or lettering lists upon you) counting this very post here, I have four shows to post in order to catch up to real time.

Both hours contain the same description.





  • Skag
    Archie Shepp
    New Thing at Newport
  • I Want You (She's So Heavy)
    The Beatles
    Abbey Road
  • The Gnashing
    Blue Record
  • April in Paris
    Thelonious Monk
    Thelonious Himself

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