Supermess, without smoke is it a dumpsterfire? [1]

Written by on February 26, 2017

Supermess  My apologies for this week. Actually there are TWO apologies. First and most noticeable, if you make to the end of the first hour and into the second, is that I managed to COMPLETELY ignore the clock  Supermess  By that, I mean I managed to butcher; with a time knife, the live Stevie Ray Vaughan (featuring Johnny Copeland) track Tin Pan Alley from the incendiary set at Montreux in 1985. For that I thoroughly apologize. Utter collapse in observational judgement on my part. Just .. … I’m sitting here shaking my head just typing about it.  Supermess  Second and in some respects not near as big a deal, because it’s happened before, but it’s taken my 3 weeks to post this show. Supermess

Part of this is due to a certain style of lassitude, directed at having to create a Mixcloud account. Which is REALLY painless. Super, SUPER, (Supermess) painless. In fact, it was so simple and effective, their layout and interface that I feel incredibly shortsighted and stupid for not having done it sooner.  Supermess  Great site and service those MIXCLOUD people, 2 cheers for MIXCLOUD. This was necessary because our audio file archiving host/library through amazon, from which we pull our shows after they’ve streamed, can occasionally get a little glitchy.  Supermess  This can’t be seen as too much of a problem, in that it doesn’t really happen all that often and the value per service/product that we are getting from them (to the best of my knowledge) is actually quite fantastic. It reminds me of Louis CK and how he mentions, in a round about comedic bit kind of way, that we really need to keep things in perspective when we are getting angry with technology that doesn’t instantly do our bidding.  Supermess  He referenced cell phone technology in particular. But this very act that I am doing: writing a show post and posting an audio file of a live event that streamed over the internet. Well it’s really all quite insane. 20 years ago, and the internet was actually in existence at that point (although nothing like what it is today) all of this activity wasn’t even possible. At the very least if it was it wasn’t being done by personal home computer, working remotely with a larger system using a common residential connection. So I should simple just be thankful that any of it is even possible and I am grateful. It just doesn’t always feel like it.





  • Born This Way
    Lady Gaga
    Born This Way
  • Travelling Without Moving
    Travelling Without Moving
  • Tin Pan Alley LIVE (truncated beginning)
    Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble (feat. Johnny Copeland)
    Live at Montreux

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