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This episode; originally broadcast March 1st of 2016, was .. , hell IS pretty much a version of Birds of Feather. There is an actual connective tissue through the playlist, however I enjoy simply calling it Storytime! instead. Outside of the first track, which was admittedly simply  Storytime! an emergency bathroom break track, the remaining songs I played were all great little yarns. Don’t be surprised to see this show concept revisited.

Now on to some more rambling to make the Yoast SEO robot happy-ish. And like I’ve said, who’s really reading this stuff anyway? There’s a good chance no one (outside of folk from the station) is even listening to me live, much less in  Storytime! a downloaded/streamed off Amazon kind of way. So I’m basically just muttering to myself in an empty room. Which, hey, if it ain’t broke …

We did try recently as a collective group 2 have the FCC allow us to have a low power FM radio station alas it was not to be I’m not sure what the exact hang up was because it really doesn’t make any sense why such an application would be denied but I  Storytime! wasn’t present at this meeting so I could never say. There is part of me that wishes so much that this was a low-powered FM station which I have been on before back Storytime!  in Austin Texas. It was a pirate station we had no permits we had no FCC authorization it was all about having the equipment and the expertise to get it running and then the people willing to get on the air. Sure there were no rules and it was completely free format but on the other hand probably due to some of that we also turned off a lot of listeners with a lot of our programming being quite militant quite socialist and quite anti  authoritarian, and  Storytime! overall with the general Fringe flavor that turned off many ordinary People. But it was a lot of fun simply the idea the concept the ego-stroking reality that we were “on air”. Although I fully appreciate this opportunity for experience at KPS you because honestly realistically the interwebs is the future of radio even though radio is still very much alive and well today. One doesn’t need a magically imbued crystal ball in order to see that the end is coming for all kinds of broadcast Storytime!  formats. The future unfortunate or not it’s just the future you don’t have to like it is in digital technology and it’s delivery of content. To fight it one might as well don a knight’s armor, climb a trusty steed raise your Lance high, and charge that windmill.





  • Mount Analouge
    John Zorn
    Mount Analouge
  • Wild Billy's Circus Story
    Bruce Springsteen
    The Wild, The Innocent and The E Street Shuffle
  • A Boy Named Sue
    Johnny Cash
    At San Quentin
  • Rocky Raccoon
    The Beatles
    The Beatles

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