Something Automated This Way Comes

Written by on December 21, 2016

Something Automated This Way Comes I suppose the episode I broadcast/streamed for this week (12/12 -12/18) could be filed underneath the Birds of a Feather tab, BUT outside of the overall theme of the show and my mini-rants within, there is NOTHING connecting the songs to each other. Well outside the fact that they can all be found on my ipod. Something Automated This Way Comes  The simplest way to communicate the birth of this episode was that I was driving (work) and had gotten to the point in my day where I could switch the audio I provide in my vehicle. Normally I use a playlist (titled daydriving) which is a nice wide range of jazz. I’ve found that of all the playlists and randomness I can provide the one genre that doesn’t get poo-pooed (well except by two individuals who don’t nix it per say, so much as have staunch requests for other material) is jazz. NOBODY  seems to have a problem with jazz. Some may not care either way, but outside of a select few, nobody asks me to change it or turn it down. In fact, I often hear requests to turn it up, and get compliments on “my music” (which always bothers me from a semantics perspective, because it isn’t MY music). Something Automated This Way Comes  Now when I get into the later parts of the day: when I am finished with my medical clients, the clients become younger and more random, and there are larger stretches of time when I am driving by myself, or driving home from the other end of town. This is when I have a tendency to just switch the ipod to ALL MUSIC. On a particular day recently this playlist simply happened, I recorded the first dozen songs (although I only got to play 6 this past Tuesday) after it occurred to me what a wonderfully diverse playlist it was creating. All by itself. IT being the random feature of the ipod. Sometimes its idea of random can be quite perplexing. Something Automated This Way Comes

So I have more to say about this concept and topic, next week we will continue the playlist the robot made AND I will (hopefully) have a more coherent rant prepared.

Bonus links embedded in the images!

screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-9-10-55-pm screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-9-13-09-pm








  • Automatic Stop
    The Strokes
    Room on Fire
  • Stay Don't Go
    Kill the Moonlight
  • Optimistic
    Kid A
  • Kochot
    Bill Frisell, Marc Ribot, Tim Sparks
    Masada Guitars
  • L.A.
    Elliott Smith
    Figure 8
  • Moves Like Jagger
    Maroon 5
    Hands All Over

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