Snaking the mind of backed up content – part 2

Written by on November 4, 2017


This episode of Box of Chocolates originally streamed live on the 17th, of September. If I remember correctly it was a Clearing the Cache concept. Which is where my playlists have no observable or intended rhyme or reason to them. They are comprised of songs that were constantly on my mind, or tracks that popped up as I was assembling the playlists, peppered with tunes I just have been digging at the moment, or have resided on my all time faves page.


This blog/commentary is an ongoing rumination of the greatest writer’s block I had ever experienced. It is continuing here.


Then again, I don’t suppose that’s really right either. Whatever the reasons, if you are doing, if you are acting upon, in a very real sense the reasons become negligible. Yet all of this is simply a large digression from the small tale I was in the midst of recounting.


I was writing a lot. It was 1991, I was living in Los Angeles, and an odd thought popped into my head. It was a two-headed monster of sorts. One head was spouting off about the absurd trite quality of what I was doing.


We’ll call this head James, for no other reason than it’s the first name that just crossed my mind. The other, was asking questions regarding the worthiness of the profession (not that I was a “professional” writer by any stretch, which honestly all that would have entailed is payment for my output) or the craft in general. If anyone can do it, if everyone has stories to tell, if anyone can learn to stretch their imagination and entertain themselves for free. Well what the hell are all these words I’m writing for.


We’ll; for the sake of identification and clarification, call this head Quinton. Now as I’ve already mentioned, or at least I imagine one can surmise from I’ve written in this multi-part ramble of personal history babbling. I am of the school that one needs to silence the inner voices, (at the very least the negative ones if you have those) and ignore the outside voices that may question what you are trying to create, or even how you go about it. It’s all a matter of inertia, as Snoop Dog has famously uttered on camera; once somewhere, “Ain’t nothin’ to it, but to do it.” There is a tremendous amount of truth to that.


Let time, the audience, the critics all sort out where the output fits into the progression of humanity’s creative oeuvre. Our only “job” as a creator is to make. Not to question. But that’s what I started to do. James and Quinton were both so loud. The medicaments could not drown them out. And I was beginning to lean on the “medication” to heavily, thinking it might loosen the blockage that was bringing everything to the proverbial grinding halt.





  • Rodeo in Joliet
    The Jesus Lizard
  • You Never Gave Me Your Money
    The Beatles
    Abbey Road
  • Sheep
    A Sufi And A Killer
  • I Was A Teenage Hand Model
    Queens Of The Stone Age
    Queens Of The Stone Age
  • Pursuit

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