Smells like the Northwest

Written by on November 14, 2016

Smells like the Northwest , Well that makes two weeks in a row, that my method of procuring financial resources with which to continue on in this materialist fiasco; that we like to confuse with life, two weeks in row that that endeavor has interrupted my little podcast/radio show thing.Smells like the Northwest So in order to have some fresh content representing this week, I am; as I did last week, posting shows that were streamed but not posted. This episode originally aired/streamed on the 28th of June, earlier this year. Smells like the Northwest

I had originally planned to post this show last Tuesday, the day/night the redcoats shocked the world. But was so ridiculously busy that it just kept getting put off, for a couple of days while myself and many others went about their daily grind in something of a stupor. “Did that really just happen?” Yes, yes it did. Smells like the Northwest  But that haze wore off rather quickly for me. What I couldn’t simply psychologically shake off, was this ennui that settled about me and it was less about the election’s outcome than it was the events surrounding the response. Especially here in the NW, (Portland in particular) which is interesting, because this show from the last June 28th, was a flavor of my Birds of a Feather show concept centered around the fact that all the artists featured were either from, or started out in this region.  Smells like the Northwest I didn’t want to make it strictly Portland-minded, as the region as a whole (though quite competitive with each other) seem to stick together due to the shared isolation.

Smells like the Northwest So what really started bugging me, and getting me somewhat, well not really depressed, but let’s say it was a ghost of depression. Almost real, but not really there. What really got to me, is how some people will take an important stand by galvanized peoples in order to create havoc and destruction. I understand the anger and frustration, but the violence and damage and antagonizing of law enforcement are not really the way to approach this HERE. Sometimes that is very much the exact prescription of action. I don’t believe it is in this case however. I do hope things subside soon, because these protests are still rolling a week deep into the Orange ONE’s elected era. Smells like the Northwest 





  • This Town
    Green River
    Dry As A Bone
  • We Die Young
    Alice In Chains
    We Die Young (ep)
  • Powertrip
    Louder Than Love
  • Detlef Schrempf
    Band of Horses
    Cease To Begin
  • White Winter Hymnal
    Fleet Foxes
    Fleet Foxes
  • Little Motel
    Modest Mouse
    We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank

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