SIX … only 6 more shows to post, and then I’ll be caught up to ’18! (hour 2)

Written by on April 14, 2018


So if you didn’t read the description for hour 1. This is the second hour of the show that originally “aired” on the 9th of July, just this past year (2017) and it marks the first of the last six shows I need to post from 2017 that will get me  into the shows I haven’t posted from this year, which is actually only 12 shows. Only good heavens, now; just from typing that I’m feeling over-whelmed. I supposed I should look at the bright side. Despite the fact that by the 10 tomorrow morning I will actually be 18 shows (total, depending upon how many shows I post tonight, hoping for two more) behind being “current”. I have at least kept up and have actually gained a little ground. It may not feel like it at times, but perception is a fickle bitch.


As currently per usual, at least until I can get to February of this year. We will rejoin the fictitious speech in progress.


Ethologists, students of animal behavior, and a few philosophers who have considered the matter know that there is a form of ethics practiced in the community of life on this planet—apart from us, that is. This is a very practical (you might say Darwinian) sort of ethics, since it serves to safeguard and promote biological diversity within the community. According to this ethics, followed by every sort of creature within the community of life, sharks as well as sheep, killer bees as well as butterflies, you may compete to the full extent of your capabilities, but you may not hunt down your competitors or destroy their food or deny them access to food. In other words, you may compete, but you may not wage war. This ethics is violated at every point by practitioners of totalitarian agriculture. We hunt down our competitors, we destroy their food, and we deny them access to food. That indeed is the whole purpose and point of totalitarian agriculture. Totalitarian agriculture is based on the premise that all the food in the world belongs to us, and there is no limit whatever to what we may take for ourselves and deny to all others.


Totalitarian agriculture was not adopted in our culture out of sheer meanness. It was adopted because, by its nature, it’s more productive than any other style (and there are many other styles). Totalitarian agriculture represents productivity to the max, as Americans like to say. It represents productivity in a form that literally cannot be exceeded.


Many styles of agriculture (not all, but many) produce food surpluses. But, not surprisingly, totalitarian agriculture produces larger surpluses than any other style. It produces surpluses to the max. You simply can’t outproduce a system designed to convert all the food in the world into human food.

Totalitarian agriculture is the fire under our cauldron. Totalitarian agriculture is what has kept us “on the boil” here for ten thousand years.







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