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This episode of Box of Chocolates originally streamed live on the 3rd of April last year (2017). I had recently come across the amazing tech of the #NovationLaunchpad

 which led me down stumbling down a rabbit hole. Certainly nothing new there, it is my forte. Which led me to another similar device,  the #MidiFighter   which of course led me to; one who is currently (even now in RT as I type this) one of the greatest artist/manipulators of this unique and expansive tool.  …. SHAWN WASABI!  I became entranced, so did my next show (the one with this download link below) focusing simply upon his skills and unique “songwriting” sensibility.

Now, to continue with those speeches from The Story of B


As you know, I’ve not spoken at Der Bau before this night. Yet some of you may have heard me speak elsewhere, and you may say to yourselves, “Haven’t I heard him say these things in Salzburg or Dresden or Stuttgart or Prague or Wiesbaden?” The answer to that question is yes. And when Jesus spoke in Galilee, there were those who asked: “Didn’t I hear him say these things in Capernaum or Jerusalem or Judaea or Gennesaret or Caesarea Phillippi?” Of course they heard him say them in all these places. All the public statements attributed to Jesus in the gospels could be delivered in three hours or less, and if he didn’t repeat himself everywhere he went, then he was silent during ninety-nine percent of his public life.


Anywhere in the world, East or West, you can walk up to a stranger and say, “Let me show you how to be saved,” and you’ll be understood. You may not be believed or welcomed when you speak these words, but you will surely be understood. The fact that you’ll be understood should astonish you, but it doesn’t because you’ve been prepared from childhood by a hundred thousand voices—a million voices—to understand these words for yourself. You know instantly what it means to be “saved,” and it doesn’t matter in the least whether you believe in the salvation referred to. You know in addition as a completely distinct matter, that being saved involves some method or other.


The method might be a ritual—baptism, extreme unction, the sacrament of penance, the performance of ceremonial works, or any thing at all. It might, on the other hand, be an inner action of repentance, love, faith, or meditation. Again in addition, and again as a completely distinct matter, you know that the method of salvation being proposed is universal: It can be used by everyone and works for everyone. Yet again: You know that the method has not been discovered, developed, or tested in any scientific laboratory; either God has revealed it to someone or someone has discovered it in a supranormal state of consciousness. Although initially received by divine means, the method is nonetheless transmittable by normal means, which explains why it’s possible for a perfectly ordinary individual to be offering the method to others.


But all this barely scratches the surface of what is meant when someone says, “Let me show you how to be saved.” A complex and profound worldview is implicit in such a statement. According to this worldview, the human condition is such that everyone is born in an unsaved state and remains unsaved until the requisite ritual or inner action is performed, and all who die in this state either lose their chance for eternal happiness with God or fail to escape the weary cycle of death and rebirth.





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    Shawn Wasabi
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