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Written by on December 2, 2017

segunda hora

Hour 2! Like I mentioned this episode that aired just last Sunday morning, was a bit fractured. First hour a WITB, this second a hour, well it was a bit of a mess, technically a Clearing The Cache show. Seeing how a few of these tracks had just been stuck in head, but not completely.  At any rate. I am now caught up (on current) show posts. And the crowd rejoiced. yay.

segunda hora

Now for the continuing ramble.

segunda hora


segunda hora

At any rate the point is, in fact as I sit here typing this out. I find myself transported back in time and place (about 2200 miles as the crow flies) I am catching myself in the middle of recollections without effort. As I look around at a place, that now only exists in my mind, I am startled and frightened to notice something that had never stood out when these events were dripping with fresh paint. The two-headed monster of justification, misdirection, self-indulgence, and the poorest of decisions. Quinton and James, they were there, lurking behind my “invisible friend” who never had a name, but I could tell you what he looked like.

segunda hora

Now, I understand that this; due to a lack of better terminology, entity is/was completely of my own making, but his appearance was chosen based on reasoning and criteria I will probably never comprehend. Nevertheless, he appeared as the archetypal Uncle Sam. Festooned in satiny garments of the traditional red, white and blue, the stars and stripes. The obligatory stove pipe hat, white hair, mutton chops and Lincolnesque goatee. Also, he has permanent stilt legs. Like I said, if you were to ask me the whys of all of this, I’d simply shrug my shoulders and give you a, “dunno, go figure.” The one thing I do know is where part of this imagery came from; or more precisely where I saw it after such the image was forever ingrained for whatever reason that may be.

segunda hora

I have a cousin named Melissa and when we were younger we spent a lot of time together. We are only separated by 4 and a half months in age, so there was the whole similar lens of perspective going on. We were somewhat besties, anyway she had a subscription to the iconic magazine for children known as Highlights. One of the summer issues, in its art/crafty fun section, had some seasonal fun things to make for a 4th of July celebration. One of these things was a destruction paper Uncle Sam centerpiece like object. For some reason that is when it started. I can’t get him to change his clothes.

segunda hora

But this is hardly about him in particular, although I should go into a little more in depth concerning his existence. Which will help shed some light on why the recent personal revelation that Quinton-James were there, near him at all in any way, shape or fashion.  Is a terrifying and complete and utter shock.






  • Cold, Cold, Cold
    Cage The Elephant
    Tell Me I'm Pretty
  • Free Born Man
    Junior Brown
    12 Shades of Brown
  • Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
    The Rolling Stones
    Goats Head Soup
  • The Dilemma
    Rebirth Brass Band
    Rebirth of New Orleans
  • Camera

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