RabbitHoles, we fall down them, or is it up? – part 2

Written by on November 12, 2017


As I just mentioned at the top of Part 1, this post is only a week late, pretty good for me. Starting something new, fresh continuation of the rambling content/story of my big writer’s block back in 1991. So INSTEAD  of pasting the same write-up from part 1. This is a fresh continuation of the “story” even as it begins to fall off the rails somewhat.



James would go on to be an exceptional closer in the salesmanship of existential angst and self-defeatism. An uncanny ability to listen to the psychological streams persisting through the aether from every and all human being in existence at any one point in time. James would be able to hear/feel/smell an individual on the brink of a poor decision.


The worse the decision the vibrant the chord would ring within his; well for lack of more comprehensive understanding, soul. He could then instantly and effortlessly enter into the consciousness of the person writhing in self-debate. Living by a rather simple mantra; Always Be Closing, James would begin with direct suggestions. Expert in justification of poor decisions one of the greatest tricks, a go-to if you will is the concept of reward. You deserve it. Life is hard, you’ve earned blank indulgence.


He is quite crafty. And this is just his favorite pitch, he possesses an entire arsenal of backwards thinking that will make the target think, nay believe that this exact wrong thing to do in whatever the situation may be is not only a minor transgression that one has earned an respite from the everyday by reveling in.


It is probably the best situational answer at the moment, because it’s not the end of the world. You can start all over being a better you, afterward. There’s always tomorrow to start living the rest of your life. Enjoy this time now.


If the story; I’ve once heard is to be believed, he is the one who convinced some nameless marketing masturbator to use; hell he didn’t just push him past the edge of writing it out he actually whispered it word for word into the poor sap’s ear, the concept of “the more you spend, the more you save!” I mean, that’s some pretty evil feces right there, seemingly benign, but oh so evil.






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  • Southwick
    Maceo Parker and the King's Men
    Doing Their Own Thing
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