RabbitHoles, we fall down them, or is it up? – part 1

Written by on November 11, 2017


Sort of on schedule here, this post is only a week late. Instead of 8-9 months. So there’s that. The playlists from this show originally streamed on the 5th of November (only 6 days ago) were created at two different times after falling down some rabbit holes of meaningless internet research.  This blog however, is still a continuing ramble in regards to a great chunk of writer’s block I dealt with back in 1991



The head of the bi-cranial megalithic monstrosity from the dark corners of my consciousness, that we have christened (that I have, to be more implicit in laying blame and assignment of responsibility). James was (is – I suppose he’s still in there somewhere, lurking waiting to troll my best efforts at actively being and manifesting my dreams into a shareable reality); spiritually born of a lack of self-esteem.


At the very least, the preponderance of esteem possessed would best (and in the kindest terms) be described as negative. James, should you need a kind of primer/step ladder of intended perspective in a visual sense, is a partially human abomination. His parents are not of the same species; which actually makes his existence a miracle of sorts, hey who ever said that miracles are only happy/pleasant/relief types of events.


At any rate, James’ parents: one was an embodiment of the ultimate physical pain. A style of torture that is never-ending, and only excruciating enough to take the physical body to the very brink of passing out, before ever so slightly backing off. Just enough to keep the experience present. The other parent was from another dimension entirely. An existential threat of mind and thought, chillingly malleable and of the foremost of expertise in the use of disguise. Not bound by ephemera of the physical, yet tethered to the limitless universe of the house of swords. Its power was restrained by the effectiveness of its anchors in the mind. The symbols and language it manipulated to force apparitions before the mind as if they were indeed very real threats to the physical.


They met by chance as most entities often do, or at the very least that which masquerades as chance. Although I suppose like a lot of experience this “happening” is very much the victim of perspective. I digress. The two brutalities met, at a lavish party of unholy pornography being thrown by an host; whom although not physically available was very PRESENT. In the upside-down, angular perversion of geometry that is the home of the Great Old One who sleeps. Talk about a hideous soiree. Unless you’re into that kind of thing. Room after room of interdimensional horror, the floors littered with tortured and mutilated remains of worshippers, constantly being reconstituted being forever tormented in an endless Promethean loop of anguish. This was the wild and crazy time where James’ parents met and would eventually beget James in heated, painful tryst in the coat closet. I do believe they were playing 7 minutes in Hell.






  • Keep The Devil Off
    Big K.R.I.T.
    4eva Is a Mighty Long Time
  • Tipitina
    Professor Longhair
    Live on the Queen Mary
  • The Same Love
    Whiskey Barons (Bill Withers)
    -rework- available at hearthis.at
  • Electric Love
    LIVE - Jet City Stream Session

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