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Written by on November 28, 2016

The Producers – Martin Birch   Work, work, work, yes my job has interfered with my show yet again. This Tuesday’s 7AM broadcast (11/29/2016 in real time) will not happen, because work. Because I am still one who functions according to other’s time. I am yet to truly be the master of my own path. This however is not a gripe, not a sullen complaint.  The Producers – Martin Birch  This episode was broadcast live, on a Tuesday in July. To be exact it was the 5th of July and I was continuing my show concept based on spotlighting various producer/engineers. All those I have done shows on were/are “producers” but I have yet to do a show on one who didn’t start out simply being a knob twisting savant. Of course in today’s world of live “mixing” and DJing, someone may think of a knob twister as a live mixer/DJ,  The Producers – Martin Birch  the irony there of course is that, a lot of live DJ/mixers do a lot less knob twisting than it looks like. They certainly do a lot of knob touching, hovering, holding, but actually a lot less twisting than is generally perceived. Which, of course (obviously if you understand meaning) does not mean they are faking it, and not twisting knobs in a live response to their mix AT ALL. Simply stating the truth that they are  The Producers – Martin Birch  more hand on the knob at the ready, than they are actually tweaking the sound on a constant basis, but that’s okay, it’s apparently part of the show, and the myth, of the activity. Still what today’s live DJ/mixers do is not easy, nor am I claiming that they are only putting on a show to make it look more like some kind of esoteric magical ritual than it is. It IS a complicated musical art form. IT is, and the best of the lot are also producing/creating a lot of their own loops from scratch. This however is a repeating show concept on the old fashioned reality of the Recording Producer. This episode from July of this year is focused on one the architects of modern metal music. The Producers – Martin Birch







  • The King Will Come
    Wishbone Ash
  • Highway Star
    Deep Purple
    Machine Head
  • Mystery to Me
    Fleetwood Mac
  • Stargazer
  • Walking in the Shadow of the Blues
    Love Hunter
  • The Prisoner
    Iron Maiden
    Number of the Beast

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