Old97’s – What’s In Their Bag? hour 1

Written by on February 3, 2018


Episode originally aired Christmas eve. It’s a series I’ve been doing where I curate the playlist based on videos from Amoeba Records YT channel.


On the one hand there is the purpose of these strings of characters. The primary of these, as there really is more than one, is to provide contextual description for podcasts which I am posting up on the KPSU website. (there may be a mass migration in the future, not a terribly NEAR future, but off in the distance. Around that bend up ahead. Not quite sure where on the other side, but up there, down the road a piece.) Now while part of me possesses a full realization that the descriptive paragraphs aren’t actually necessary.


The WordPress authoring program we use will let you post with as little data as you like. If you care not to put in a playlist, keywords, description, photos, none of it – other than the bare requirements. Those bare requirements; for a posting, being the link to your podcast from the amazon web services server which serves as our digital archiving solution, and a little box checked to make sure it is presented as a downloadable in the podcast archive of our site, categorized with your show.


If that is all “you” (the royal, the editorial you) care to do so far as the maintenance of your digital presence with your show, then by all means that is the host/producers prerogative. As for this author, I am inclined to fulfill as many of the “suggestions” the Yoast SEO programming makes, as to help make my postings more available to web traffic. Part of this desire stems from my not making the most of my avenues that I currently have for self-marketing and promotion.


Thus I currently just using a small blinking light accompanied by the slightest of beeps. This beacon is attached to nothing more than a traffic cone of a buoy floating in the endless seas of interweb content.







  • Bel Air
    The Old 97's
    Wreck Your Life
  • Mr. P.C.
    John Coltrane
    Giant Steps
  • Feeling Gravity's Pull
    Fables of the Reconstruction
  • Ela Navega

  • Show Notes & Show Blogs


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