Niles Rodgers -Producers 6

Written by on August 23, 2016

Niles Rodgers . This is the sixth (I think, maybe it’s the fifth) installment of my series on Producers. This week; which originally streamed digitally on the 14th of June, we took a look/listen to the trademark aural stylings of Niles Rodgers.

Nile Rodgers was born on the 19th of September in 1952. A quality musician and songwriter in his own right, his biggest impact may be that of recording producer. The signature tune and sound for that matter of Mr. Rodgers is probably best exemplified by the track that nearly defined a decade and an era of musical genres. In 1978 Rodgers band Chic released Le Freak, the rest as they say is history, but in my tiny inconsequential opinion,  Niles Rodgers between Chic and Diana Ross’ Diana album he was beyond instrumental in creating the sonic template for disco and by extension much of what would become hip hop. Niles Rodgers was an incredibly influential American artist that may never be fully appreciated for the true extent of his contributions to truly American music.

Niles Rodgers However for the doubters and naysayers out there, which there always is. No matter what you ( the royal, the editorial) are talking about. There are always those who are going to disagree with you, possibly just to disagree with you. Niles Rodgers This playlist however provides a reasonably strong argument for my case, of Niles Rodgers  placement amongst the pantheon of great American musical artists.





  • Le Freak
    C'est Chic
  • I'm Coming Out
    Diana Ross
  • The Original Sin
    The Swing
  • Dress You Up
    Like A Virgin
  • King For A Day
    The Thompson Twins
    Here's To Future Days
  • Roam
    Cosmic Thing

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