The New new Deux

Written by on October 26, 2016

The New new Deux  Do say what, sorry come again, oh I see sometimes I DO have problems making sense. Life, all by itself does have a habit of being a bit unpredictable. This is even in the lives of people who love monotonous existences of little to no purposed variation. Even they; and it should be noted, that most of these “they” don’t plan it that way. Not that people like this don’t exist throughout the  The New new Deux endless string of time immemorial, “why yes, yes, we have been here before, this is not deja vu, but a memory of a moment beyond the known parameters of time.” I mean, I at least didn’t know anybody as a child who set out to become a debt slave to all that they would be allowed to finance upon the tenuous uncertainty of the future, so that they may be governed by a clock, ringing at the same time 5 mornings a week,  The New new Deux only to become a different slave to time in their “time off” constantly catching up to that which gets shoved aside during the week. For there is an expectation to drown the ennui during the week in various inebriants. Shackled to the repetition of the lullaby of what could have been. The invisibly forced responsibility to continue consuming product. Not for the body, not for the spirit, for the ego. As I said, perhaps there are those that dreamt this as a goal of adulthood, The New new Deux I just didn’t know them. Even these people who plod along in well worn steps so often duplicated that they begin to resemble ritual, even these people. Even these, have the unpredictable event happen to them, around them, near them. I wanted to musically practice some unpredictability  .. again. and so I sought out new music. New in a literal way, and new to me. This was just such a playlist. The New new Deux


Well there is one old track, but it’s only because one of the new songs reminded me of it SO MUCH.

I mean you simply CAN’T tell me that Big Ups did NOT repeatedly listen to spiderland from slint. The crazy part is how “National Parks” on Big Ups ’16 release Before A Million Universes comes along 25 years after that vinyl perfection from that Kentucky outfit. However the way Slint played with tension was just, well to this day I’ve never really heard anything like it.





  • Copper Mines
    When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired
  • Wallwatcher
    Sunflower Bean
    Human Ceremony
  • Hey Love
    Moxie Raia
    931 (mixtape)
  • Every Night You've Got to Save Me
    Mass Gothic
    Mass Gothic
  • National Parks
    Big Ups
    Before a Million Universes
  • Breadcrumb Trail

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