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Written by on September 27, 2016

In an act of subservient deference to our cadre of staff leadership, here is the LATEST and FRESHEST episode of Box of Chocolates. new music twist

Yes I will still be posting all the episodes I have yet to post, which have already transpired. Just in case people are listening and such, and I don’t mean staff or volunteer listeners, because let’s face it. I’m really talking about the most important listener out there. Those who know me or not, listen to this show without a shred of legitimate direct connectivity to this station or the university within which it finds its home. new music twist

I drive a cab, and lately the big topic of conversation has been … of course, the election. It’s one of those years. One of those years where this four year cycle culminates in a crescendo of gnashing of teeth and weeping of tortuous wonderment for what may be to come. Every once and a while we get an election cycle like this. One in where the combatants are SO  new music twist diametrically opposed as to cause chaotic polarization within the populace. Sometimes I think that these particular cycles are a very set up rouse to distract us from the painful reality that we are given an illusory “choice” of candidates. I do find it particularly fascinating that a large section of Trump support comes from very “average” Americans (average in that they are nothing like him in a financial or psychological state). That feel he represents some “REAL” person, not just a Beltway outsider, but a regular Joe new music twist who just happened to make good! Are these people suffering from a massive collective delusion? I have no idea really, it could be the final result of decades of fluoridation of water for all I know. I do know that I am not concerned about Trump being elected; in that, I don’t believe he will do ANY of the work. I don’t believe he actually wants the job. He just wants to prove he can get it. The actual day in, day out, nut and bolts of  new music twist running the country. I don’t believe he wants ANY part of that, hell he doesn’t want any part of the companies he does run. He just a huckster face capitalizing on his ludicrous, tasteless, and hideous brand.

So even if you abhor the idea of the soul sucking Clintons’ getting another term in the La Casa Blanca,  new music twist please do not vote for Trump. Hell vote for Johnson if you must, just don’t inflate that egomaniacal, bully, snake oil selling charlatan  any more than he already is. If he explodes it take forever to clean up.

Oh yeah, this weeks setlist is comprised of old nuggets from artists all dropping new albums this Friday, September 30. My first day in year 47. new music twist 





  • Box of Rain
    Grateful Dead
    American Beauty
  • The Wolves Act i & Act ii
    Bon Iver
    For Emma, Forever Ago
  • Back of a Truck
    Regina Spektor
  • TB Sheets
    Van Morrison
    Blowin' Your Mind
  • Where the Devil Don't Stay
    Drive-By Truckers
    Dirty South

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