Mind Toilet Flushed

Written by on January 9, 2017

Mind Toilet Flushed  So this episode, is; once again from the vaults, a summer streamcast that had yet to be posted onto the glorious website for KPSU. Quite simply Portland’s finest college radio/podcast. As I was saying, this episode is a recurring show concept I have been referring to as “Clearing the Cache”, which is what it is, and what essentially the act of flushing the mind toilet. Which is to say that, the brain collects and manufactures a LOT of crap, and much like the receptacle for the literal crap, occasionally the mind needs to be flushed.  Mind Toilet Flushed  Often times this show concept is a playlist compiled from songs I’ve either been hearing a lot randomly for reasons unknown (thus use of the terminology “random”), or songs that for some reason that has no immediate logic to it, have been simply popping up in my head with an unusual frequency. Mind Toilet Flushed  Sometimes it will be a mix of both, or simply random ideas that simply popped up as I was constructing the list. It is in all ways simply an effort to clear the creative mind, administrative janitorial work, a cleansing of the spiritual palate.  Mind Toilet Flushed  Darn YoastSEO optimizer still wants me to come up with another 100 words. Here’s something, and this isn’t by ANY means a complaint. In fact it is a remark of gratefulness, it is born out of utter shock and surprise. But the fact remains that my little show, that has no promo, I have no sound or mix cloud cross over. I don’t promote my show on fb or twitter. Despite not optimizing my reach, (which I should be doing) I’ve had two show in the past 2 months make the KPSU top 10.  Mind Toilet Flushed  I am honored, thrilled, shocked and pleased and it does give me a renewed impetus to begin promoting the show more than I am. Especially since I am moving the show … The new show time will be the old time, new day. It would have started today, the 9th of January but Portland is in the midst of a winter storm and the University was CLOSED this morning during the time I would have been manning the booth. Starting Monday January 16th, 2017, Box of Chocolates will grow to 2 hours and begin streamcasting on Mondays.  Here’s to 2017!  Mind Toilet Flushed





  • Galaxie
    Blind Melon
  • Galgalim
    comp. John Zorn : perf. Marc Ribot, Bill Frisell, Tim Sparks
    Masada Guitars
  • Life is Simple in the Moonlight
    The Strokes
  • Xanadu
  • Happiness
    Elliott Smith
    Figure 8
  • Exit Only
    Steady Diet of Nothing
  • Sail to the Moon (brush the cobwebs out of the sky)
    Hail to the Thief

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