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Written by on February 26, 2017

Memory No, no I’m not going to break into that god forsaken song from Cats. (say that reminds me, I say SEVERAL copies of the Unforgiven in the 4$ bin at the Walmart Neighborhood Market. I need to make a mental note to get back there) I’ve actually seen Cats. Saw it in, or should I say experienced it in Australia of all places. Stupendous set design and costuming, but by and large I found it rather annoying. Then again I’m not a broadway musical kind of guy, not really a fan of the cinematic versions either, although Singin’ in the Rain is on my all time best films list, but it does break some of the conventions of the traditional musical, but I’m not here (at this moment) to talk about that.  Memory  What exactly I was talking about in this episode of Box of Chocolates from two weeks ago isn’t exactly clear. Which is partially where the title of this episode comes into play. I haven’t a clue what I was taking about, and I haven’t had the time or inclination to go back and re-listen to the show yet, but I know I talked plenty because I only played 4 songs. Granted one of the tracks I played was half of a 20 minute track that is side one of the vinyl pressing of Grayfolded  which is actually better experienced on CD since you can listen to each of the TWO albums in their entirety.  Memory  Grayfolded is a record composed of Grateful Dead recordings by John Oswald. He takes various pieces of the live recordings of the track Darkstar from over 100 performances, and layers, and remixes them together into a seamless sprawl of musical consciousness. It really is quite grand, but I just had to go to the restroom, and I was using the track to begin a discussion on the genre known as “post rock” although no one would call, or describe the Dead as post rock,  Memory it some ways they really are quite the grandfathers of post rock, but I can discuss that at a later date.  Memory  This track; the first 10 minutes or so of Transitive Axis is actually in the second hour. This first hour is the new music hour featuring fresh out of the oven tracks from Jamiroquai (displaying that the soul and spirit of the band is not absent their forthcoming March release) and a new track from New Wave/Techno pioneers Depeche Mode. Memory 


Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 10.59.51 PM





  • Novature/Pouring Velvet/In Revolving Ash Light
    John Oswald ~ the Grateful Dead
  • Ka$cade
    Animals as Leaders
    The Joy of Motion

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