Lost, my mind has a battle and it has lost:02/27/17: hour 1

Written by on March 13, 2017

Lost  Could; should I, simply listen to this episode again, to ascertain what the hell I may have been rambling and babbling about? Probably. Lost  But I’m not going to do that. This show aired 2 weeks ago, and I did shows on the 6th AND the 13th of this month (March) so I kind of really need to be concentrating on catching up. This means getting this show posted TONIGHT. If I hesitate or falter in the interest of investigating the content of this episode, it quite simply might not get done. Lost And quite honestly for the past few weeks my mind has NOT been all there and this was the beginning of what’s currently clocking in at just over 3 weeks straight of obscene amounts of stress and anxiety. Lost A lot of this centers around current employment and $, but what’s new about that for a majority of Americans. I mean, so many of us are locked in this hamster wheel of debt slavery, this constant life defying striving just to freaking keep up. Lost  For so many it isn’t even about getting things even, it’s not about catching up, because all of that is some fantasy on the other side of hill that we keep walking towards but never seem to actually approach. Lost  You knowing speaking of it, in the way I just did, in that past sentence is odd in a way. It’s causing my mind to diverge and think of other things. Things not exactly related, but then how much is exactly related. Lost That is, everything is quite separate, but then on a quantum level it is all quite literally one. This isn’t conjecture or opinion of the absurd. Lost It is simply fact. There are times when the Universe gets its’ fabric snagged on reality. A thread spools loose and wanders through your perception linking various experiences, that may seem rather random and disparate. Lost Synchronicity can be a scary thing when you aren’t in the proper space to embrace it.


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