Letters : I let them guide me. (Brought to you by R part 2)

Written by on January 7, 2018


Here I also; before getting on with my rambling, add an extra explanology. Last week I had intended to get, at a bare minimum, 3 shows posted. I’m currently not counting these 2 posts that represent the shows of December 3rd, 5; YES FIVE, shows behind. Last week however, I was slapped with the reality of this grand tool of technological innovation violating me in ways that border pornographic.


Which is a overly dramatic euphemism to say that I was having “computer problems” all though, they definitely were not of the machine variety. Essentially WordPress was not being cooperative to say the least. I write these “descriptions” in a different program and then paste them in here. Alas, WP decided it was simply not going to execute my requests, and it wouldn’t save any progress to drafts.


It would be a magnificent understatement to say it left me very frustrated and not up to doing all my posting through lengthy and arduous work arounds. I’m simply pleased it’s sort of working now. Back to my rambling …



As I was saying I apologize for the lapses in posting of my shows. Sometimes it all just gets to me, and I don’t want to do anything. Which really isn’t correct at all, and I can see that now that I’ve typed it out. So before I carry on, just allow that. That I am apologetic for not being more consistent in my ability to produce content and what I am saying then, when I try to explain with the phrase “Which really isn’t correct at all” is simply that it isn’t correct, it isn’t, in a very literal sense, appropriate for me to say that I don’t want to do anything at times.


I’ll allow that this is very true in some regards, but not in that way of not wanting. I’m always wanting to do SO MANY things, there are many times however, when the urge to do nothing WITH PURPOSE simply overrides all other urges. The siren song of allowing the mind to simply run in the fields of ALL POSSIBILITY, limited only by what it can comprehend or fashion of the clumsy puzzle pieces it does possess. The urge to save and restore all physical energetic resource, and just enjoy the ride.


That urge, it is incredibly powerful in me and it often times wins out. Especially when it harnesses in the assault weapons of very legitimate physical exhaustion and a general awareness that in a very real way there is so much that truly doesn’t matter, for various reasons and through lenses of perception dependent on the world and its constant spiritual chaffing. And before you start, and I pray to all which does not suck that there is a YOU to start calling me on various bullshit, although I would scarcely know if there was or not.


Before you start in with the gospel that the world (however you care to interpret such a misuse of over-generalization) doesn’t chafe anyone or thing.





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