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Written by on October 11, 2016

This playlist was created through a great deal of links though not temporal, or literal, very much real in a way that can only exist in the mind. Hyperlink Playlist

While Synchronicity, is often referred to as paranormal, I personally eschew this conceptualization or effort at labeling. This is from two perspectives: on the one hand paranormal; the word itself, tends to have a definitive connotation that borders the negative, at the very least highly suspect and not easily consumed into belief.  Hyperlink Playlist On the other hand I don’t believe it (synchronicity) to be paranormal at all, judging strictly from a semantics standpoint. I say this from the experiential and observational standpoint that the occurrence in question is hardly “beyond” or “out” of the normal. The experience is actually quite common. Besides who the hell is to say what is normal anyway.


Within the idea of Synchronicity; this according to the accredited term coining author,  Hyperlink Playlist the base of its reality is (according to the wikipedia entry) meaningful coincidences. Which in and of itself seems to be a really odd statement. The more profound truth of the matter is that whatever is deemed meaningful is done so by a particular perception, that of the experiencer. It implies an underlying power of subjectivity that cannot be simply dismissed. This concept that though there may be actual laws, realities, and parameters to experience that we all may be subject Hyperlink Playlist  to, (much more than less) that we as individual strands of sentient consciousness can truly create and craft our own subjective realities.
There is a further interesting twist concerning perception and Synchronicity, in that those of a supreme and unshakable faith in the supernatural deity variety would insist that there is no coincidence. That there is a crafted plan by those out beyond (above and below, soda speak) the natural understanding, that everything within is allowed and pre-written in a manner of speaking. However this (in my mind) wouldn’t effectively eliminate the possibility of Synchronicity. For perhaps this apparently non-causal, but ultra meaningful joining of disparate signs, events and experiences is simply the act of a singular awareness stumbling upon the seams of whatever this thing is, this thing that is so utterly (and simultaneously) important and purposeless. Hyperlink Playlist 



This link below is a little special version of something I didn’t play today but wanted to.






  • Fly Me Courageous
    Drivin' N Cryin'
    Fly Me Courageous
  • I Want To Get You High
    Sadler Vaden
    Sadler Vaden
  • Hotel Illness
    The Black Crowes
    Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
  • Speed Trap Town
    Jason Isbell
    Something More Than Free
  • Methamphetamine
    Son Volt
    The Search
  • Big Nose
    Good To Be Gone

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