How2 : Open an album (hour 2)

Written by on March 11, 2018


This episode of Box of Chocolates originally streamed live on the 4th of June, 2017. This post in particular being the second hour of that show. The playlist is comprised of what are; in my humble opinion, a selection of GREAT album openers. It is the first day of our collective “spring forward” in daylight savings time. This is leaving me tired and bewildered, also I managed to split open the tip of my left ring finger through brute force. Having that finger tip wrapped and protected is making typing an adventure.

And now to continue the speech from The Story of B by Daniel Quinn.


It’s certainly true that the ends and means of salvation differ between the East and West, but then the ends and means of salvation differ among all the salvationist religions of the world—this is precisely how you tell them apart. The essential fact remains that, anywhere in the world, East or West, you can walk up to a stranger and say, “Let me show you how to be saved,” and you’ll be understood.


The Nothingness of Prehistory

 When the foundation thinkers of our culture looked back in time, past the appearance of man the agriculturist, they saw … nothing. This was what they expected to see, since, as they had it worked out, people could no more exist before agriculture than fish could exist before water. To them, the study of pre-agricultural man would have seemed like the study of nobody.


When the existence of pre-agricultural man became undeniable in the nineteenth century, the thinkers of our culture didn’t care to disturb the received wisdom of the ancients, so the study of pre-agricultural man became the study of nobody. They knew they couldn’t get away with saying that pre-agricultural peoples lived in nonhistory, so they said they lived in something called prehistory. I’m sure you understand what prehistory is. It’s rather like pre-water, and you all know what that is, don’t you? Pre-water is the stuff fish lived in before there was water, and prehistory is the period people lived in before there was history.






  • Do I Wanna Know
    Arctic Monkeys
  • Everything In It's Right Place
    Kid A
  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts I-V)
    Pink Floyd
    Wish You Were Here

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