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Written by on April 3, 2017

New (to me)  This episode of Box of Chocolates is from the 20th of March, getting closer and closer to real time. These descriptions are still recounting The Death of a Cab Company.

New (to me) They are not magically resolved in the 11th hour. Even a corporate “hostile takeover”, which is really in all actuality is simply semantics invoking the emotional inclination of the stockholders towards the change. Not that the takeover or buyout happened without say, or out of the blue by force. All of these machinations are usually played out with immense legal help over a period of months often times 8 months to a year of negotiations back and forth.  New (to me) This, kabuki theater that I have a seat in the orchestra pit to witness. This farce of emotion, posturing, legal theft and a Keystone Cop type of flustered jockeying to put all the necessary pieces in place has been performing sans rehearsal for the past 5-6 weeks. It’s a fecal circus on the fly. No prep, no knowledge, no research. Good heavens it is SOOOO frustrating. New (to me)
So to back up a little bit, the (now) former owner. Well at the very least he was the active managing partner. An Ethiopian man by the name of Tesfaye (not that it matters or means anything that he IS Ethiopian, he simply is) who was one of the 2 partners owning 49.5% of the company,  New (to me) (there was one other owner who owned 1%, why I really have no idea) had been running his little cab company like someone who had NO IDEA what they were doing, but there was so much cash flowing through that you could just pile money on top of problems and they would go away. I don’t mean bribes, or anything so nefarious. Simply you could mismanage your company and it didn’t quite matter. Slowly his decisions not only got worse, but a new player was introduced to the melodrama unfolding. New (to me)

This story will continue





  • Where the Devil Don't Go
    Elle King
    Love Stuff
  • The Hand
    Ty Segall
  • Sunset Strip
    Roger Waters
    Radio K.A.O.S.
  • Sat In Your Lap
    Kate Bush
    The Dreaming

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