Goodnight sweet Prince

Written by on August 1, 2016

This episode, Goodnight sweet Prince, originally aired on the 26th of April. Five days prior the great purple pageantry of passion that was Prince Rogers Nelson at the age of 57. Apparently of drug assisted heart failure. Then again I am not an ME, nor have I read the official coroner’s report, because well. .. . I’m just not that into those things. Goodnight sweet Prince , There were times in life when I was mildly fascinated with the macabre. The dark, the violent and angry. Although I never truly became enamored with it all. Something about going down that road of interest and embracing that very real nature of life and this experience of “reality” as we tend to know it.

Goodnight sweet Prince .  I was legitimately upset by this artists’ passing. Their was something uncommonly liberating about Prince the person and his music. It was a sad few days. I hope his music can continue on touching countless others, and I know it will. His life and time will become legend and folklore as the castle that is the hold of digital knowledge is forever compromised. The music will always be waiting and the song will always be the same. Goodnight sweet Prince .

I had some problems (production) during this show, which is always so much fun.

So I’m here sitting at my residence, trying to get caught up on these show posts.  Goodnight sweet Prince . I only have 10 to go, so I suppose it isn’t the END of the WORLD, that due to some administrative snags with the access badges I wasn’t able to get in and even DO my show this past Tuesday. Oh I was there, at 6:30 in the morning waiting for them to open up the building at 7. Which is when my show starts. I had a show ready and everything. Of course I couldn’t get in. Last time this happened I was still a new DJ and I did the recommended “call campus security” at that time  Goodnight sweet Prince . that option to work around the situation didn’t work, because they simply refused to let me in. They mentioned something about my needing to get my badge properly authorized and that it wasn’t their job to simply be letting people into the building or any room within a campus building after or before the normal hours, if they don’t already have expressed and authorized access. Which, quite honestly, at the rates we pay for this educational experience, is something resembling (metaphorically) a big pile of rancid feces. Goodnight sweet Prince 



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