Friendship : volume 1 a new recurring show concept {hour 2}

Written by on November 27, 2017


This show, originally streamcast on the 12th of November was two separate playlists dedicated to two different friends. I had recently found out they each had happened to be listening to me live, and had been thinking about them that week. I wish I could have played the Dan Band for the Carlos hour (hour number 2) , alas I am not a fan of radio safe cuts, and I am not in safe harbor hours, so the best of the Dan Band is a no go.

Now, on with what is becoming an epic stream of words.





So these two brute forces of proto-evil negativity were combined in one entity, and well … they were quite powerful. That I began listening to them at all is sad and pathetic in and of itself, and in some ways, considering the remarkable damage they accomplished quite immaterial. They knew I couldn’t refuse a drink bought by a stranger however. That was the “in” they chose.


Once inside, that’s the problem with unexpected house guests, the rest they like to call history. It is however a history that you; the gentle reader, are unaware of, so I will diligently continue.

I wasn’t always an active addict. Which if you are fortunate enough to not have a working knowledge of addiction; allow me to first explain, that for most addicts the actual using of drugs (and I mean all drugs including alcohol and nicotine) is simply symptomatic of the disease which is essentially lying dormant in wait. Eager to start waging a destructive war upon the addicts’ life. The substance use and subsequent abuse is really just a signifier of much deeper-seated issues coming to maturation, and manifesting themselves as problematic self-medication.


Because for the most part that’s what a lot of substance abuse issues are. A lot of them do start out as situational escapes from the daily, monotonous grind of life. Even then however, when you stop to really examine the realities of the innocuous beginnings of drug use for most. The Friday/Saturday night forays into the “party” life. When it is often the young 15-19 year old fledgling humans, who are experimenting alteration of consciousness.


Of course, as experiments; which is simply a euphemism that is used by many, they are sloppy and bereft of data. It’s more like serial mistake and fear driven poor decisions. Although that is really opinionated conjecture on my part. Every situation in this arena is truly different, and yet the same.





  • Snap Your Fingers
  • War Pigs
    Gov't Mule
    Live ... With A Little Help From Our Friends
  • Chameleon
    Herbie Hancock
  • The Ride
    David Allan Coe
    Castles In The Sand
  • Detroit Rock City
    Alex Skolnik Trio
    Goodbye to Romance: Standards for a New Generation

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