Friendship : volume 1 – a new recurring show concept {first hour}

Written by on November 27, 2017


This show, originally streamcast on the 12th of November was two separate playlists dedicated to two different friends. I had recently found out they each had happened to be listening to me live, and had been thinking about them that week. I wish I could have played the Dan Band for the Carlos hour (hour number 2) , alas I am not a fan of radio safe cuts, and I am not in safe harbor hours, so the best of the Dan Band is a no go.

Now, on with what is becoming an epic stream of words.



So, whereas James was more adept at building negative rapport. In a very direct manner, by attacking the individual itself. Quinton was more along the lines of the best friend of the most horrible influence. That member of your crew that you were inexplicably drawn to, despite that fact that the decisions made by this individual were always suspect, and absent high moral value. The humor employed by such a person was always of the mocking variety. Every opportunity to gain a chuckle or elicit a guffaw by demeaning or belittling others, especially when they were efforting, or bravely putting themselves out there, every one of these opportunities was taken.


Further shrinking your own personal self-worth for simply partaking in the enjoyment of such submarining of character. It’s simply not what a positive person does, and those who align themselves with such a cancerous perspective on the human condition are guilty by association of lighting the matches that eventually burn down the possibilities of human achievement. Which let’s face it, nobody wants these people around when you are about to try, we want. No, WE NEED those who can support, assist, and cheer us on for the simple reason to see those they know, and hopefully care about succeed.


The world, unfortunately is filled with those who throw the spoiled fruit at the performers, but never take the stage themselves. And I suppose it makes some sense on certain levels. Achievement, or even the simple act of the effort to achieve. So as not to create confusion I should stress here that I don’t mean the simple measurable “achievement” of job, material accumulation, credit, or anything else that can be recorded and compared with others using simple metrics. I’m actually talking about a kind of alchemy here, a metaphysical alchemy of sorts, but I’m getting lost in the invisible trails of my mind, this isn’t what I was talking about.


Agent 47 reel yourself back in a bit, right, and let’s see I was. …. Where was … oh yes, of course. (to be continued)







  • Believer
    Richard Buckner
  • Waiting Around to Die
    Townes Van Zandt
    For The Sake Of The Song
  • Words After The Fall
    unreleased demo
  • Godtrot
    Fraction of Exaggeration
  • Fast As I Can
    James McMurtry
    Walk Between The Raindrops
  • I Lost It
    Lucinda Williams
    Car Wheels On A Gravel Road

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