Finals-Week and I’m all over the place – ClearingOut the Cache Vol. 3

Written by on January 9, 2016

It was FINALS-WEEK.¬†This episode of Box of Chocolates aired on the 8th of December. No show concept this week. Well there was, albeit unintended, a theme of sorts. This however was not planned or intended. The incidental theme that just¬†happened, was that my playlist and show, were simply put ALL OVER THE MAP. A scattered show going in so many directions at once, I was having a hard time describing it. This was however, a fantastic mirror to my state of being at the time. It was finals, term culminating projects, due dates, work absurdity. I’m still somewhat surprised I survived this term with something resembling sanity intact, and I managed to NOT fail any of the courses on my plate. It was probably the roughest go I’ve had since I started attending classes here at PSU, and that includes the dreaded and woeful attempt at doing the first year of Spanish in the condensed summer format. Good grief. It’s over, I managed to have survived, and learned some rather valuable life lessons. Congratulations to all of us!





  • Bullhead's Lament
    Blue Album
  • Beware the Boys
    Punjabi MC
    World Is India (compilation)
  • Le Matin des Noire
    Archie Shepp
    New Thing At Newport (spilt album with John Coltrane)
  • One Way Out
    The Allman Brothers Band
    Eat A Peach
  • Mantra
    Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, Trent Reznor
    Sound City (original motion picture soundtrack)

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