Expectations: useless or maps to the future?

Written by on February 3, 2018


This show was originally streamcast on the 17th of December. The playlist is composed of artists whom subverted what would be the expectations of them. As has become my personal mission of insanity, I will continue with this ramble that is so deep in this tunnel the light is pumped to us, and it ain’t reached us yet.


At this point I will now return to the story involving the aforementioned 2 headed monster. The monster that lives with me; looking back with that perfected 20/20, and probably has my whole life. Which was interrupted for the past two show posts. Not that there has been any real solid legitimate consecutive nature to the timeliness of the posts anyway, but I hey, I am trying to make this ramble; which has no foreseeable end, a running thing that continues regardless of the audio content.


I left off; or rather allowed myself a digressing sidetrack, around here, in referring to my “invisible friend”:

But this is hardly about him in particular, although I should go into a little more in depth concerning his existence. Which will help shed some light on why the recent personal revelation that Quinton-James were there, near him at all in any way, shape or fashion.  Is a terrifying and complete and utter shock.


My invisible friend, which just to help clarify my syntax and allow me to not have to type ‘invisible friend’ constantly. Let us simply call him Sam, due purely to his appearance. He never had a name, as such. A name was never necessary. This entity lived within my consciousness. Never to traverse the outside world of this earth. This is the reality of growing up an only child with very few friends and an utterly over-active imagination, your personal (albeit imaginary) squad; whom are thankfully ALWAYS with you, are your first and most frequent resource for sounding boards, advice and assistance in decision making.


The nature of his captivity left us without the shackles of labels as instrumental and simultaneously banal as names. Everything he had/has ever said was transmitted through the faster than internet of a singular mind. Before you begin explaining to me that none of these were actually conversations, in that it was all talking to myself. Allow me to counter.






  • Am I Inside
    Alice In Chains
  • Easy
    Faith No More
    Angel Dust
  • Ride Across the River
    Dire Straits
    Brothers In Arms

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