Expectations: useless or maps to the future? hour 2

Written by on February 3, 2018


Expectations, the second hour of the show streamcast on 12.17.2017, damn almost typed 2018!! No, this show is not from the future.


We most certainly had more than a reasonable share of actual conversations, I can; as a logical and reasoned adult, admit that this for lack of better terminology let us call social interaction, was in fact illusory and all personally fabricated. Well, in an adult reality 20/20 perspective, DUH! However, in the worldview and real-time experiential reference of the child these happenings were VERY REAL.


There was simply never a question that Sam was himself a very independent entity of his own volition. Not a splintered schism within my own psyche, but an actual being. Which brings us to something exceedingly interesting in a spiritual-supernatural sense, but let’s stick a pin in that for now and revisit it momentarily.


As this lengthy ramble is extensive in nature, and rife with interruptions of a temporal nature, I suppose it should be on no surprise that it will also be near overrun by the sidebar. Both related to context and non-sequitur alike. As in moments like now. I am picking this current run of words back up, after putting it aside at the end of that last paragraph for I believe what’s been about a week and a half.


Which in and of itself isn’t a problem whatsoever, in that – well if I may speak freely – and I can, so I most certainly will. A lot of this is simply for my own personal benefit. At this point; if there is a YOU actually reading any of this, a query may be popping off in your head as your eyes and mind consume each letter, word, phrase, sentence presented. How is any of this “for me”? Writing all of this down is only taking from valuable, and finite, resources of personal time and energy. I will try to briefly explain, although within part of the explanation it will become apparent why, I’m not trying to be all that brief.






  • Rhiannon
    Fleetwood Mac
    Fleetwood Mac
  • The Wanderer
    Johnny Cash/U2
  • I Ain't Hiding
    The Black Crowes
    Before The Frost ... After The Freeze
  • Girl
    The Beatles
    Rubber Soul

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