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Written by on January 13, 2016

It wasn’t a stretch, nor was it difficult to come up with ideas or try and figure out what I would be doing for today’s show, and by today I of course mean the today that this show aired. That today, was, the 22nd of December 2015. It was my last show before houses across the world would be invaded by an intruder, and have him leave behind gifts for children and consume any available cookies and milk left out. If you’re still having problems guessing where I’m going with this, this would be my CHRISTMAS show. See I’m not even a Christian and I can say Christmas. There is no war on the holiday here. I am not personally a fan of what the holiday has generally become, secularly and socially speaking, but these are not decisions made by me, nor was my input ever sought. Which is fine, I usually try to work on Christmas anyway. One fantastic thing about working in any kind of service sector on the major holidays is that folk generally treat you nicer, and will display an overt appreciation for your work.

This time of year finds the studio and the physical structure of PSU that surrounds it to be a veritable ghost town. With the University being on winter break, the few people you see on campus are those who live in one of the many dormitories whom did not venture home for the holidays. Or downtown denizens (often the residentially challenged) who find themselves passing through on short cut from here to there. It is in this quiet that I sat myself down in our cozy little studio here at Portland State University to do TWO shows (yes a Christmas bonus as it were) seeing how I had the studio (and more or less the campus) all to myself. Well that’s not entirely true, most of the buildings are locked up tighter than a drum. I, obviously, do have access (thanks to my ID/key card) to Smith and thus the KPSU studio.

Whaddyoo mean, “hey you just reposted that off your Christmas show post.” Damn. I suppose I did. It was the same day and all, and the SEO crapola wants us to post 300 + words, AND I do work 60-70 hours a week so … YES. I did repost that from the previous post, because it is largely all still relevant to this day in question. However ….

These songs are bonus gifts, mostly to myself. This show was largely some rambling on my part and then I played 4 songs that I happen to particularly enjoy for no reason what so ever.





  • Rabbit in the Log
    Marty Stuart
    The Legend Lives On: A Tribute To Bill Monroe
  • Hate It Here
    Sky Blue Sky
  • All Blues
    Miles Davis
    Kind Of Blue
  • Flim
    Aphex Twin
    Come To Daddy

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