Chill, chill. The 2 weeks to try to relax & meditate

Written by on June 9, 2015

Here we are (were). The end of another term of educational indoctrination. Dead week followed right behind by Finals week. On this 9th episode of Box of Chocolates, I am playing some tracks, lectures and a promotional bit all concerning the need and benefits of meditation. Stress is REAL easy to accumulate. Especially around the crunch of the end of term. There are project deadlines, finals to prepare for, and often; for many of us, grade goals which we feel MUST be reached. This isn’t to say “don’t worry, everything’ll be alright man” quite the contrary. I say PREPARE, use your worry/concern to fuel your efforts, BUT don’t “worry” or stress over what you can not control. Do everything you can to the point that you are pleased with the efforts you’ve made, but fretting and needless worry about the outcomes will not assist you towards success.

Speaking of stress had a minor dumpster fire at the beginning of my show. When you only get to do something live ONE hour a week developing a comprehensive solid routine that checks and notices everything is a lot more difficult than I had anticipated.

Also the tracks I used for music bed are:

Ben Leinbach & Geoffry Gordon – Cerulean – Putomayo Presents: Yoga

Russill Paul – Twilight Music – Nada





  • Hack your brain's default mode with meditation
    Dan Harris
    Big Think promotional interview
  • Grass at the Gate
    Thanissaro Bhikku
  • All it takes is 10 minutes
    Andy Puddicombe
    Ted Talk
  • A magic set of tools
    Thanissaro Bhikku

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