Chicks Rock : vol. 1

Written by on April 24, 2015

Not a comprehensive compendium of the best females in Rock. More of a page from a lengthy personal lists of some of my favorite female artists. My only delineation, that the woman be the primary artist. She could be a front woman, or singular singer songwriter, but she must have song credit and be either highly influential or simply amazing by my own selfish standards. All the artists/bands highlighted are either women, driven by women or equal share of the compostional artistry. Truth is I simply love women. What better way to promote and advance the understanding that they are as important to EVERYTHING, much less music, art or culture, than to simply spotlight amazing examples of their brilliance as rock songsmithery for an entire hour. This is only the first of what will be many installments to this show concept. This is one particulary diverse and sweet chocolate. Sort of like the Take 5 bar from Hershey’s. It’s got everything, salty, sweet, chocolate, the wondermental reality of peanut butter AND a pretzel crunch. The obvious nature of this gospel should just be admitted. Face it CHICKS ROCK!

Photo credits:

Deborah Harry – Brian Aris

Chrissy Hynde – Ian Dickson/Redferns

Sleater Kinney – Getty Images

L7   – Jerry Milton

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  • Heart of Glass
    Parallel Lines
  • Pretend We're Dead
    Bricks Are Heavy
  • spark
    the bird and the bee
    The Bird And The Bee
  • Get Some Sleep
    Bic Runga
    Beautiful Collision
  • Middle of the Road
    The Pretenders
    Learning To Crawl
  • Take It Off
    The Donnas
    Spend The Night
  • I Lost It
    Lucinda Williams
    Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
  • Icebound Stream
    Laura Veirs
    Carbon Glacier
  • We Got the Beat
    The Go-Go's
    Beauty And The Beat
  • If Only We Were Dogs
    The Juliana Hatfield Three
    Whatever, My Love
  • Get Up
    The Hot Rock

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