Borrowing from a Stranger Friend

Written by on January 8, 2017

Borrowing from a Stranger Friend  What the hell does that phrase even mean. Well in itself, by itself, with no accompanying context, it essentially means nothing. Nothing other than something was borrowed that is, from someone other than the self. That is how borrowing works of course. You don’t borrow from yourself. My friend is, in a sense a stranger. My friend is the Multnomah County Library. So I give this friend money, and I visit them quite frequently, yet they are still in many ways a big collection of strangers. Borrowing from a Stranger Friend Back in the day, (yes I’m going to get on my old man ‘get off of my lawn’ soapbox, but just for second) when I was sprouting up like a weed. Which is to say, while the physical growth (which there wasn’t a WHOLE lot of) rapid and in crazy spurts. The popular, most ubiquitous unit for storage of recorded audio material was the vinyl record. Now, there was a LOT of sharing of these, back in my youth, but that is all you could do. Share. There was also the 8 track and sure there were ridiculous arguments back and forth regarding the merits of sound quality between the LP and the 8 track, but still … still you could only share. Borrowing from a Stranger Friend  Then the “compact cassette” was introduced in the early 70s, and though I knew many a portable 8track or those folk with 8track Hi-Fi systems in the cars and homes (which really speaks to my – in the 70s – growing up in neighborhoods and surrounding lacking in stature and affluence), now the cassette tape is what truly began to revolutionize recording and sharing, of recordings. Not long after the compact cassette’s adoption as a viable format came the home introduction of the ability to record on the format. Now people could borrow and keep from a friend, their OWN copy of the material they did not themselves purchase. Borrowing from a Stranger Friend  Soon we became a nation of pirates. Now things are a little different, but not by much. I don’t have many friends so I borrow CDs from the library, and the well .. I think I’ve told the rest of the story already. This playlist, originally streamcast on the 26th of July, is a sample of some of my latest editions to my personal digital collection of music.  Borrowing from a Stranger Friend

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  • President of What
    Death Cab for Cutie
    You Can Play These Songs With Chords
  • Da Funk
    Daft Punk
  • The Logical Song
    Breakfast in America
  • Rainy Taxi
    They Want My Soul
  • When My Train Pulls In
    Gary Clark Jr.
    Blak and Blu
  • Butterflies and Hurricanes

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