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Written by on January 8, 2018


It appears my long winded ramble has been highjacked by a explanatory sidebar, that was probably not even necessary. That is considering I have no idea whether someone is reading this. Someone, out there … somewhere . … . over the rainbow– REIN IT IN DAMNIT! Good heavens! I can get so hostile with myself. Back to the highjacking explanatory apology –



That, THE WORLD, isn’t a sentient presence in that way, and this

certainly applies to any of the myriad of ways that you may have taken my use of such terminology. Whether that be: The World; a physical presence upon which sentient life has arisen, that sits within a discernible space within this universe that “we” (the royal, the editorial) can observe and measure. OR The World; that which happens in this odd construction of the experienced reality that “we” all seem to agree upon as that, which is.


Either way, I know IT isn’t doing things to me, or anyone else in that selfish ego driven way that we do things to one another. I know all this but the syntax and lexicon I use sometimes slip and get lazy, I forget some of the invisible gospel behind the inherent misdirection in language.


I’m not fucking Wittgenstein for crying out loud. I too, will occasionally (especially when I’m using the verbal variety of communication) lapse into the idiocy of peppering my thought interchanges that I allow to be broadcast in some form or another, sometimes the mind is stopping and searching, and instead of just giving room for a beat or breath.


The mind will slip one past the ego, go five hole if you will, and I will catch myself uttering the “You know?”, “Know what I’m saying?” “Uhm”. None of these; of course, are actual questions. They are purely rhetorical. Placeholders, as indicated as the mind pats down the pockets of the jacket and jeans of thought.


Looking for that … where did I … it was the perfect little … I just fucking had it. An alert goes out before it’s noticed, DEAD AIR!! All this before it even happens and the mind is wanting to simply fill up the space.





  • One Eyed Davy
    Live at the Austin Music Hall
  • Ain't Nothin' but a Party
    Dirty Dozen Brass Band
    Live from the Bonnaroo Music Festival 2002
  • Eminence Front
    The Who
    It's Hard (Limited Edition Import)
  • Texas Flood
    Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble
    Live at El Macambo
  • Boy Named Sue
    Johnny Cash
    At San Quentin

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