Birds of a Feather : volume 2 of connections

Written by on July 5, 2015

So I didn’t fully expand on this show concept within the post for volume 1. There is a personal memory that reminds me, part of the reason why was I didn’t see the full CONNECTION to the concept as a whole. I mean I did, and I didn’t. I was straddling the epicenter of being and existing within the border of the box containing Schrödinger’s Cat, as it were.

The show concept title; given to me by my wife, is actually brilliant. It is/can be as symbiotic as the feathers of the same bird (soda speak) or simply birds of similar plumage. Still the real meaning here is all about connection. Hyper connectivity or base arithmetic bonds of the simplest, most obvious order. They are all bonds, chains that forge our utter connections to the unknown, the sublime, the divine. Connections are; in EVERY sense possible, a huge part of who we are as individuals and communities. It is the basis of commerce and art, as well as biological life. Connections and correspondences are what we seek for meaning on the purely ephemeral sense, as well as the big picture meta-physical WHY of our very existence.  And you might have been thinking I was just trying to put new twists on the Kevin Bacon game (link if you are unfamiliar below). The concepts of connection through seperation (“degrees of”) leads to the obvious nature of reality, which in turn can bring one to the brink of incomprehesible concepts such as singularity (link below). Which if you’re a serious (see graduate) student of the very REAL mathematics behind such philosophical posits then it leads you to dissertations of maddness (link below). But this …  this is really just about having fun connection tracks of music.

Some days the connections will be inspired, other will barely fit within the construct, but they will always be there.

The first link is a short video concerning the higher mathematical concepts of “the 6 degrees of separation”


If any of this has you thinking about the actual “nature” of reality, a good book for a fresh perspective is BIOCENTRISM by Dr. Robert Lanza

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  • Them Bones
    Alice In Chains
  • Hurts So Bad
    Susan Tedeschi
    Just Won't Burn
  • Woman King
    Iron & Wine
    Woman King EP
  • Happiness
    Elliott Smith
    Figure 8
  • Get You Curse (Summer Left Your Heart Behind)
    His Name Is Alive
  • Accidents Will Happen
    Elvis Costello
    Armed Forces
  • Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games
    Of Montreal
    The Sunlandic Twins
  • Houses Of The Holy
    Led Zeppelin
    Physical Graffiti
  • Sunrise
    New Order
  • Black Star
    The Bends

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