Better, it’s getting a little better : 01.30.17[1]

Written by on February 11, 2017

Better  (Episode originally streamed 7 AM Monday January 30, 2017) This first hour features the big rant of the day. Which if I remember correctly spilled over slightly into hour 2, but I can’t quite remember accurately. Or to be more exact, I can’t quite trust my memory to function with an exactness that is preferred in this situation.  Better I could, of course, simply listen to the podcast, as it is right here at my finger tips, BUT – I’m already almost 2 weeks late in getting this posted, SO, it the interest of just getting it f’ing done. I will just keep going and hope that (A) my memory is correct, and (B) remind myself that in the long run, in a retrospective enjoyment of all things. It really won’t matter. I wish, I wish I hadn’t of killed that fish. Shut up Homer. What I do wish, is that I knew if anybody was actually listening to this show. This masquerade of radio production.  Better That is more akin to an excuse to speak/rant/ruminate through the industry standard of microphones. Speaking of which in this episode of Box of Chocolates I discuss my perspectives on Driving Under the Influence and the slivers of the criminal justice system. About seventh on that same wish list would be an embedded list for all the equipment I would want to start a home podcasting studio. Better COMPLETE WITH CALL IN LINE. Alas, often times it feels as though I am doing all I can to simply make these shows happen and get them posted. Life in capital driven fauxocracy can really grind on the individual in a metaphysical and very real physiological way. Those damned donuts. Why must it ALWAYS be time to make them. Why?  Better





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