Better, it’s getting a little better : 01.30.17[2]

Written by on February 11, 2017

Better Just typing that phrase out, and immediately; or at least as immediate as my consciousness can notice, my brain starts playing that Beatles tune that begins, “it’s getting better all the time,” from Getting Better off the seminal release Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, that album with the most intriguing cover artwork.  Better Artwork which generated so much speculation and controversy. Artwork from the day when just about ALL cover art or other such PR marketing genius was real made, by hand and by crazy orchestration (as opposed to the wonders of photo shop, “how’d you get all those people and things together in one studio?”, “I didn’t it’s the magic (albeit quite dark) of computers!”), the world of the art designer or director. Massive undertakings for simple still images.  Better Speaking of this two things come to mind. First the wonderful cover work done for the 1981 release of the album by Canadian progressive/power trio RUSH. Their LP Moving Pictures (an almost perfect album by the way) has an incredibly delightful staged cover photo that provides a delicious double entendre, actually a triple if you take the back cover into consideration, such exquisite word play through imagery that mirrors the brilliance of band lyricist Neil Peart.  Better It also brings to mind this artist I read about who works with large format photography, actually as I try and remember his name it also reminds me of Kourtney Roy as well. Ah yes, his name is Gregory Crewdson. Why am I mentioning all of this? This didn’t have anything to do with hour 1 or 2. Hmm, perhaps because sometimes the gryroscopy necessary to navigate through existence can get loose and take over the perception, the focus. At these times it is best to just sit back, soak the rabbit hole in and enjoy. Better


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