Aural look inside ELEVENPDX MAG

Written by on July 5, 2016

This show originally aired the 9th of February, it is an Aural look inside ELEVENPDX MAG. Which is to say that I focused on artists featured in a copy of the magazine. Now on to some nonsensical inanity to fill up some space.

Why am I using these posts to simply ramble on and on, and simply rant and improvise stories of absurdity. Well there is a reason, believe it or not. ELEVENPDX MAG

As I may have mentioned in a previous post. I have a feeling that NOBODY is reading these whatsoever. The great all seeing eye/ monitoring – powers that be of this very internet radio station (podcast producer) may look at these posts to see that they are there. But I suspect that this may be a cursory glance, after which the watchful eyes of perfunctory performance, perhaps trail down to the playlists supplied by the DJ. ELEVENPDX MAG

On a side note that is loosely related to this and in some ways has utterly nothing to do with anything at all. While the Great Ruler Cricket Mice of the Small Magellanic Cloud in the constellation of Tucana know the riddle answers to the great questions we wrestle,  ELEVENPDX MAG they too wear a tinfoil chapeau equivalent which prevents our psychic rendering of ethereal hallucinations which could lead to dreams of answers that will always be forgotten before that ever important first cup of coffee. ELEVENPDX MAG 

Speaking of which, have you ever played Disc Golf. IF you love the concept of the classic sport of what I refer to as “ball” golf, but you lack the financial resource and are literally just picking clubs up for the first time and finding yourself ELEVENPDX MAG ridiculously far from ever playing an enjoyable, slightly competitive round with some friends, BUT you can and DO enjoy throwing flying discs. You should give it a try, it’s the beauty and madness of golf, at a sustainable price ELEVENPDX MAG and practiced in a sustainable manner (no excessive lawns to maintain). As I type this the wife, our furchild and myself are preparing to play a course we have yet play. We are venturing out to Hagg Lake west of the greater Portland metropolitan area. Outside the cute little ELEVENPDX MAG hamlet of Forest Grove. I am nervous and psyched simultaneously.





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